Friday, June 8, 2007

Day Thirteen, Stauning Air Show

Today was a laid back day. We miss Ellen very, very much and wish her a safe and speedy trip back to Spain. We've all been spoiled by not having to go through security and long wait lines, so Ellen - get ready!!

The local TV station broadcast a newsclip of Ras' landing and reuniting with his sister and other friends. To see this seamless landing, go to

An additional number of airplanes flew in today to participate in the air show. Among the many entries we found a couple to be noteworthy. Two Danish built aircrafts,KZ4 - very rare and thought to be the only one left, and KZ2 - a pre-WWII aircraft. A unique French registered single seater Delta flying wing aircraft flew in from Belgium. It just didn't seem possible that this tail-less craft (which I dubbed the "ladybug") would take off, but take off it did, and beautifully. Tomorrow will be the highlight of the air show with flying stunts, a dinner and awards ceremony.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful adventure tha you fulfilled in this grand style! Congratulations to both Captain Ras and co-pilots! Thanks for letting us in on this thrilling enterprise! You also brought summer to Scandinavia! The weather is tropical! Hurray hurray hurray - velkommen till Danmark!

Cheers from Elisabeth at