Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ellen Checking Out..... Mariza checking in to continue the journal.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Copenhagen and then Spain so my trip with the superb Twin Beech and Ras and Mariza is over. If this blog site had "emoticons" (or whatever those popular little pictures are called) I'd put in a thousand sad faces right here. This trip has been an experience of a lifetime for me and I thank both Ras and Mariza for inviting me along. May the skies always be clear for them both and for that wonderful plane-with-a-soul! And thank you to everybody who has followed us on this website. Sincerely, Ellen


Jay PerryCook said...
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Jay PerryCook said...

Nice work Ras, Mariza and Ellen!!!! Ellen we're going to miss your comments on the return trip. You did an excellent job keeping us updated. I'm sure that wasn't always first priority. Thank you for that. Must feel great for all of you to check one off the "once in a lifetime" list. Safe travels on the return. Ras, get some rest!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing journey, beautiful photos, and what wonderful comments from Ellen. The DC crew has greatly enjoyed following events as they've unfolded. We wish Ras all the very best in the airshow, and look forward to hearing more soon.

The Walkers :)

Oistein Andresen said...

I was thrilled when Jay called me to let me know you made it to Stauning. Thanks for the daily updates of what must have been an outstanding journey. Ellen, I trust there will be a much more detailed travelog coming. A sincere congratulation to you Ras for a flight well done. I know you have wanted to do this for a long, long time. Mariza, you looked great in the right seat. Stein

Anonymous said...

i cant figure this out. my good buddy chuck made this trip 80 years ago nonstop in one & 1/2 days with 1 motor. you needed almost 2 weeks,7 stops & 2 motors.
1 thought sam feldman learned you better. huf

Anonymous said...

You did good. Truly enjoyed the travel log. Keep us all in the loop. It sure sounded like a fun trip with good companions.
Dave Case,

dino carpenter said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about this. So pleased it worked out. Hmmm...can we work this into some reality t.v. show?
My people will call your people:)
Cheers and continued safe travels!
Costa Maragos.

Sandy said...

Hi Guys,

I can see the sparkle in your eyes behind the sunglasses!

Congratulations and enjoy Denmark!


Anonymous said...

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