Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 26, Thompson, Manitoba

When we did our flight planning in Goose Bay this morning we went looking for the half way point between Goose Bay and Seattle, and came up with Thompson, Manitoba. We flew a direct routing from Goose to Thompson, the flight time was eight hours and thirty minutes, that's about as far as a Twin Beech is supposed to travel on a tank of gas. Our route of flight took us over the most southern part of the Hudson Bay. The ice on the bay was starting to dissipate, and looked very different from what we saw going eastbound a couple of weeks ago, but it was nevertheless a magnificent sight. Thompson is a mining town, and is the third largest city in Manitoba. Plans are to fly the final leg of our journey back to the Tacoma Narrows airport tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure. It's become a ritual to pull up your site every day to follow along with your journey. Guess you really trust the old twin beech at this point!!

Robert Parish

Michael Hanney said...

Hello Ras,

I have been following your travel log with great interest. Mariza gave me the address. Good luck on the final leg of the fantastic adventure. See you in Seattle soon!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Robert, not only did we trust the old twin beech, but as Ellen said in the very beginning "she is strong, handsome & smooth of line." And I will add "comfortable" since I took a few snoozes in the reclining seats. It will be good to see her back with her captain & co-captain. Thank you and everyone else who has followed along our most wonderful experience. How can we top this one??


Anonymous said...

We'll be there for the snaps & sild! Til lykke!

Tage & Marit