Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 23, Stauning, Denmark to Reykjavik, Iceland

We departed Stauning mid morning today, heading for Reykjavik. Stein was born and raised in Southern Norway, so we routed our flight that way before starting our ocean crossing toward Iceland. The weather was great for the entire flight. Stein was able to take some pictures of the beautiful Norwegian coastline, but I am afraid that we will not have the time to post them here. Where are Ellen and Mariza when we need them?

The westbound flight route. If you click on it, it enlarges and there's the route....


Anonymous said...

Dear Ras and Stein! To summon the flight attendant just press the button above your head .... what an incredible adventure you are in the midst of performing and understand what a stir of the media there was in Denmark, about the Airplane Event at Staning city and you crossing the Atlantic! Congratulations also on the prize you won for having flewn farthest to reach Stauning. Uffe and I got married in Copenhagen Denmark in the Swedish Church on July 27 1973 so Denmark holds a very special spot in our hearts! We stayed at the Imperial hotel and had our wedding dinner next to a fountain in the hotel dining room, the fountain of love of course. We will this year try to make it to Copenhagen to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary! Much love to you guys and I´m sure the flight attendants are waiting for yor at Reykjavik Airport ..... Elisabeth Stockholm Sweden

Anonymous said...


The only time I flew a non-nonstop aircraft West was a DC-9 and I used Goosebay for refueling, for what it's worth. Have a great trip, I have followed your adventure with admiration.

George Flavell