Friday, June 1, 2007


It's a relatively balmy 10C and still sunny at 10:20 pm. The flight over from Iqaluit was wonderful with the Twin Beech flying us along and over the arctic circle at 8,000 feet. And while Greenland is not particularly "green" in Kangerlussuag, there are parts of the fjord where the water appears emerald against the ice. (Photos tomorrow.) Details tomorrow.


inari said...

what a fascinating blog! And thanks to it, I have a hint of the feeling,
what it's to experience all that!

You're a brave team!

I have traveled as well: all the way to the Central-Washington which means
places like Yakima, Ellensburg etc. We made a two-days road trip with Angela
to prepare a big tour for states governors in the end of June.

I have a one question: because my laptop is a bit weak and the internet
doesn't work from some reason, I would like to try to connect again, but I
need Ros's code for plug in. Could you email the code if you happen to remember it.

Everything is fine at home, and Seattle just gets better all the time, when
I get to know more about it.

All the best and safe flying!


Jay PerryCook said...

Good job Ras and crew!! About half way now. You made me a little nervous today because Flight Aware lost track of you about half way across the Davis Straight today. Good to hear you made it to Kangerlussuag.

Elisabeth said...

Hey Ras & Crew! Good luck on your fabulous once in a lifetime adventure! We will be following you closely!
Much love from ONA Crew Webring at