Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The airport is tucked away in a relatively narrow valley and we landed after a steep, tight turn into the wind between the mountains...exciting! This place is marvellous and downright lush after Kangerlussuaq. Greenland is really green here. We flew south over fjords and glaciers and icebergs and deep blue water.

Unfortunately there is no wireless internet here so the photos that we took will be posted tomorrow.

Late this afternoon, after a hike in the hills, we took to the water in a small boat and visited Qassiarsuk, formerly Brattahlid, across the fjord. The settlement was founded by Erik the Red and his son, Leif Eriksson, set out for the new world from here, landing in L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, a thousand years ago.

More later. Whether we fly from here to Iceland or to the Faero Islands will be decided tomorrow morning after the weather report.


Anonymous said...

Good morning! Great to hear how your trip develops and the happenings along the way - Greenland seems to be a place with a beautiful landscape and all that ice makes such an immense impact when seeing it from above in your photos. It will be very exciting to hear which route you will take on the next leg leaving Greenland. Today is 6th of June National Day in Sweden so we will go out on the streets and wave flags! Love from Elisabeth Stockholm Sweden

Unknown said...

Hi Ras and crew :O)

WOW - Very nice take off, with our picturesque landscape lighted up by the morning sun. I really would like to see you in Stauning (I grew up in that area)at the KZ-rally. Please say Hi to the AirportManager in Stauning - Mr. Allan - from Junior in Narsarsuaq AFIS.
Best Regards
Junior (the guy in BGBW TWR)