Monday, June 4, 2007

Day Nine, still in Kangerlussuaq

Mariza checking in again. A summer storm with winds over 40 mph are blasting through Iceland. Ras has decided not to fly this morning. We’re staying here another night. The temperature is a balmy 18 degrees C. We are having breakfast at the airport hotel and just saw an SAS flight land from Copenhagen. We met an American businessman who is here to organize for the first non-stop Baltimore, MD to Kangerlussuaq flights beginning Thursday of this week. The tourists are coming!! Will McDonalds carry the Musk Ox burger?!

There is a squash court in the athletic building the Americans built here during the cold war but I have not been able to see it yet. As Langley, my squash playing buddy would say, I’m having “white walls withdrawal symptoms”. I have my squash racquet ready …. Maybe tonight!

This afternoon we plan to hike 14 km to the harbor where the cargo ships dock. Everything comes in either by plane or by ship.

(Note to the “Little Bear”, my four year old grandson: Jack, Ras’ airplane buzzes like a big bumble bee and flies smoothly like a proud eagle above the clouds. Nona said hi to Rudolph the reindeer but he did not have a red nose because it’s not Christmas yet!)

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Anonymous said...

Jack says..."COOOOOLLLL, MAN!!"

I love you, Nona.

Jackie Bear