Sunday, June 3, 2007


It is another sunny day and we have noticed both the snow melting on the hills around Kangerlussuaq and the greening of those same hills in the two days that we’ve been here. It is the spring explosion! This afternoon we visited the ice cap and walked on the edge of this mighty glacier. For anyone used to snow conditions(ie. most Canadians…), walking in mushy snow is not particularly exciting but consider what was underfoot… the edge of a slab of ice over three kilometers thick at its centre, the melting of which may well (or will…) change the world as we know it.

Weather permitting, we leave tomorrow for Iceland.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

Jack and I are reading about your wonderful adventure after having read "Nona Goes to the Arctic" for the 3rd time tonight!

Jack wants to know how the ride was in the very cool antique airplane. Is it noisy? Is it smooth?

He also wants to let you know that it's a yucky day in Washington - lots of rain. It looks nice and sunny where you are, though!

Safe travels!

Jack & Sheila

Anonymous said...

Greetings to the explorers! Very interesting to read about your experiences - most thrilling in Scandinavia was yesterdays´ national soccer game between Sweden and Denmark in Copenhagen when a spectator attacked the judge and the game was called off never to start again!

Keep up the Spirit of St Louis!