Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Touchdown Iqaluit at 4:10 Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, May 30

We have landed.

Mariza checking in -- After helping Ras tie down the Beech at the airport (in case of high winds), we checked into the Frobisher Inn and later dined on Arctic Char, Caribou Stew and some good Canadian beer. The flight over Hudson Bay was spectacular. To look down from 5,000 feet on the pattern of the ice formations for hundreds of miles was breathtaking. At times it resembled those molecular structures revealed only by the fine details of a microscope. See photos. . . remember, a picture is worth ten thousand words. It's snowing and the sky is still light as we're going to sleep past the hour of midnight.

NOTE: We didn't know that some of you could not send us comments. We changed the settings, so please try again. Be sure to select "other" or "anonymous" if you don't have a google account. We tried to make the pictures on the left larger but can't seem to make it work. The blog photos are a poor reflection of the incredible images we captured.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you made it today! Your dinner sounds very native....We are all anxious to hear about the flight to Greenland!

Anonymous said...

Okay the comments are working now...that was me anonymous...Wendy!

RParish said...


Just happened to pick up your flight on flight aware. Had no ideas where you were going until I came across your flight journal. Sounds like you're in for a real adventure. I'm envious. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip. See you in October.

Robert Parish

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, we are following closely your progress. Jenny & JY

Anonymous said...

Ras, I'm so excited for you. The pictures are great, and the writer of the blog is very talented. I was in Churchhill a few years ago to see the Polar Bears....they probably weren't there for your visit since they generally show up late October... it was a fabulous trip. Happy flying, and I will check in every day.

Anonymous Bobbie!