Saturday, May 26, 2007

The night before take off - Saturday, May 26/07

This afternoon, Ras fueled the plane and Mariza and I went to meet him at Tacoma Narrows Airport. We are now ready to go. Tomorrow morning Ras will check the weather and, if the winds and cloud are favourable, we will leave for Saskatoon mid-morning.
It is a silly thing to anthropomorphize a machine but, really, it's impossible not to imbue Ras' Twin Beech with the qualities of a handsome and noble creature. She is strong and neat and smooth of line -- reminds me of an Airstream trailer with wings..., or arms, if you like, spread wide and elegant. Mariza and I wanted to name her, "Thule," perhaps, that mythical land of snow and ice, but apparently Vikings never named their ships so she remains "the Twin Beech." I love the plane. She has seen a lot of skies and yet seems more than ready to go up, up and away on yet another adventure.
There is a lot more I could write because spending a few hours at the Tacoma Narrows Airport was a glimpse into the world of yet another sub-culture, that of small planes and their enthusiasts. For your information, FOD means "Foreign Object Damage," which I trust we won't experience first hand.

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Sandy said...

Hi Mariza, Ras, Ellen,

Great description of the landing at Tacoma, in such brilliant "you are there" style. Thanks, Ellen. And with the video of the landing, even better, whrrr, whrr, gruhh, and enginey sounds, to boot.

Here in IL, a beautiful Memorial Day, with my grandson Luke sleeping on my deck in the gentle breeze. Could be midsummer. I'll be in the Lake County wetlands on my bike soon, and the blue herons and I will look up and north to you.