Friday, May 25, 2007

The final countdown

Friday night and weather permitting, we are leaving on Sunday morning. The plane is ready.


dino carpenter said...

We haven't met Ras..but please take care of Ms. Booth. If memory serves me here..she prefers coffee served on board in fine china!
Safe travels:)
Wave to me if you fly over Sask.

Unknown said...

Our best wishes from Copenhagen, Denmark. We await the arrival in Denmark and look forward to journey updates!

Sandy said...

Hi Mariza, Ras, and Ellen,

I'll be tracking you from down on terra firma, but vicarious experiences aren't all bad.

Remember your Denmark bracelets!


rclarke6 said...

good luck to all of you, I hope your trip is the best ever. by the way ras this is richard of the avionics shop where the work was done. Keep us all posted, this should be a wonderful trip.What a great idea to have this blog for all to follow you . Be very Safe...:)